Eileen Meny Photography

Eileen Meny Photography

hello maud & joe is a tribute to my mom's parents. my grandma is still calling me to make sure i get home okay at age 98. my grandpa was still rolling his eyes at donald trump just days before he passed away at 102. my grandma has lived and my grandpa did live long lives. they saw and have seen a lot of things. i'd like to live a long life too and while i don't have an guarantees about how long i'll be around, i know i want to live a life i am proud of.

like many others i struggle with happiness, with contentment, with sadness. i struggle with material consumption, i struggle with self-esteem, i struggle with food, i struggle with love, i struggle with racism and sexism, i struggle with my career and my calling...i struggle.

but i have a goal...despite all the unknowns, the struggles, the fears...

i want to live a life that feels good down in my bones.

maud & joe is a blog trying to achieve that goal. it is about learning, making mistakes, trying new things. it is about my insecurities and my therapy appointments. it is about my journey to feel good in the midst of all the craziness that swirls around me, us.

maybe it is a lifestyle blog. maybe it is a life blog. i'll make it up as a go along.

who am i?

i'm a 31 year old lady living in new york city with my pup, george. i write plays and poems and the occasional novel. i act and teach yoga sometimes too. you can find me in a theater, reading a book or at home trying not to fall asleep. also, i am always up for watching ghostbusters or star wars. for more about me, visit my personal site.