a month of gratitude - four

today i'm grateful for life.

on facebook tonight, i noticed that someone i went to elementary school with--someone i haven't spoken to in years but was friends on FB with and used to follow on instagram--passed away a few weeks ago. she had an eleven year old daughter. 

thinking of her made me remember another kid we went to school with who passed away when we were in high school. i think about him often. 

tonight i was sitting on the couch. i was feeling guilty about my lack of eating well and weight gain. i was feeling a little craptastic and ugly. and now i am thinking about how stupid that is. really stupid.

i'm grateful to be here.

to have spent the day teaching and meeting and drinking wine. to now be on the couch with my boyfriend who is singing along to a song.

to be breathing. 

i'm grateful for another day, another breath.