what to read, what to read (2)

it has been a while so i thought i'd write a little about some of the books i've loved as of late.

author that i'm now obsessed with:

celeste ng. i read her books everything i never told you and little fires everywhere this august/september and they both gutted me in the best of ways. i don't know how she does it, but she draws me into these families and these people with a lovely subtlety. with both of these books, i found myself staying up late so i could finish them...not able to wait. i will be waiting for a new book of hers forever.

for those who love poetry:

electric arches by eve l. ewing. this collection of poetry and prose and art filled me with so much joy on a sunday afternoon. i dogeared some poems that i need to return to so i can write down the lines and have them somewhere that i can see them on the daily.

for those who are tiptoeing into reading about politics:

unbelievable: my front-row seat to the craziest campaign in american history by katy tur. this wasn't the most amazing book in the world, but it was a good first step for me into reading about last year's election and beginning to see what lead us there. if you are well-versed in this subject, this may come across as too focused on tur's experience specifically and not enough on the actual nitty-gritty but for me, it was good. it forced me to think about some things i try to forget. 

a book that surprised me:

stay with me by ayòbámi adébáyò. i wasn't expecting to be sucked into this book. i sort of started it because i needed a book to read but soon enough was reading it instead of writing my work. the story is heartbreaking and beautiful. the main character feels complicated and the situation she is in feels complicated and it is amazing how, in a short book, we hit on some many life-altering events. they didn't feel overdramatic either. this was a book that stayed with me a long time (pun not intended but accepted).