gratitude for today

sharing some gratitude today...because why not? today, right now, i'm grateful...

for giggles.

for the pup's face when i find him sleeping on my bed when i come home.

for the part of me that whispers everything is going to be okay.

for the part of me that whispers no it ain't. (gotta love her too)

for master of none, which i was able to binge watch this past weekend, and the character of denise who lights me up.

for all the new friends i've made in the last year that have made this island really feel like my adult home.

for the words "i really like spending time with you".

for making new memories in old places that carry a whole slew of memories you'd rather forget.

for clogs with socks.

for my dad for introducing this album to me years ago and for this song which was in my head all day.

for the passing of time feeling both slow and fast.

for star wars coming out in a few weeks because i feel like that is the universe's way of showing me that it does love me.

for buffalo wings.

for endorphins.

for the time that a new tattoo begins to scab over and for a minute it feels like your skin is like braille.

for the daydreams which have begun to come on strong.

for the part of me that sees how life is growing and changing and how that means you have to let some things go.

for comfy cardigans.

for this sitting in my living room, the pup sleeping next to me, the sound of the bus at the bus stop, the sound of my air filter, the sound of my fingers on the keys, the calm i feel being in this space now, the knowledge that this is where i should be and how it should be for now, for the dream of what happens after now, for now.