peace out 2016

well, we made it, folks. we made it to the last day of 2016. this year has both felt like forever and like a minute. it has felt wonderful and like shit. and so i am happy to see 2016 go, but also know it is a year i'll remember forever for a number of reasons. 

as i look ahead to 2017, i am just hoping to be more comfortable in my own skin, being the person i already am as opposed to the person i want to be as per pinterest, the person i think i should be as per facebook, the person i'd like you to think i am as per instagram, and whoever the person i am as per twitter. 

because, let's face it, 2017 may be a shitshow and the best way to combat the possible fuckery is to be yourself.



happy new year y'all.

see you on the flip side.