i want to sparkle in 2017.

i want to feel like my best fucking self.

i want to be so me it is ridiculous.

i want to light up, light myself up, light up a room. 

i want to feel good.

and to be honest, i am worried i won't be able to feel that way. i am worried about what is really going to happen in 2017. it feels like we are on the edge of something. we are on the edge of something. i am just really afraid of what is on the other side. 

but, as much as i can, i want to feel the above. i want to make these feelings a priority--knowing i won't be able to achieve them every day but...they will be goals.

i am writing a list of intentions for 2017 that i'll probably share later, but know this is the underlying vibe.

i want to sparkle, y'all.