the view

perhaps if i think about it

in views instead of words


the view

as we searched for bald eagles

around the reservoir

the mountains reflecting on the water

and the deer feasting along the road

and earlier

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

the view of hot chocolate

with abundant mallows

while identifying trees

outside the cabin

and earlier

viewing the fire in the old wood stove

and the hot apple cider at my feet

the lamp light hitting his face as he reads

and our jack-o-lanterns smiling back at us

and earlier  

the view as we drove past

old white churches and the trees curling overhead

all the trees surrounding us

changing on our ascent

the rocks that tripped us

the feel of moss lining the mountain floor

and earlier

the view of yellow and red

of the leaves at our feet and above

the sound of the falls and that picture i captured

of him waving at me

the moments the trail was calm enough

to find warmth and comfort in held, swollen hands

and earlier

the view

just the view from the top

and now

i don't really have words 

i have a sense in my belly, the aches in my legs

a thin layer of fatigue in my limbs and lungs

and the urge to sit and write

about dreams that were once dreamt

now that have happened

and views that are at once

new and familiar and

calm and just right

all photos taken in the catskills.

all photos taken in the catskills.

About Last Night

Last night, I participated in Lady Bits, an event at the PIT curated by the lovely Kerry Ipema that raises money for Planned Parenthood. I wrote and read a poem, that I now realize was longer than 5min (sorry Kerry!). A friend filmed it so I could send it to my mom. In an effort to get better about showing people things that I do (and since it was too big to send through text and my phone was like just upload it to youtube for the love for everything), I thought I'd share it here too. It is a personal one (as is everything I do these days), but I guess it is going to be personal when talking about your lady bits...