today and tomorrow

i am sore today.

i was feeling cocky about my walking ability until i had to use some stairs.

what they say about stairs post-marathon is true. it hurts. walking down the subway steps is its own kind of hell. just fyi.

i had to run for the bus today though and i totally could and i find that weird.

to be honest i find it weird that my body hasn't, like, thrown in the towel.

i also find it weird that life doesn't just stop because you ran a marathon. like what is this thing called work? and more importantly what is this thing called...

tomorrow is election day. 

i haven't written that much about the election because, well, i think there are people who say things better than i can. 

i have said that i am with hillary clinton.

have i mentioned how scared i am of clinton not winning?

probably not. because it scares me. 

but election day is happening tomorrow. thank the heavens. and hopefully my fears are unfounded.

honestly i am in complete denial that the election could go the other way. i honestly can't fathom it. i can't imagine it. it is terrifying as a young black woman to think about what that would mean for me and those i love and care about.

it has been terrifying to read and hear the vitriol that has been uncovered during this election. truth be told that won't go away tomorrow and that is sad and scary too. and truth be told it has always been there. just hidden. just under wraps.

that is scary to me. it is scary to me that there are people in this country that just hate me due to the color of my skin or my gender. but i also guess that has always been true.

doesn't make it any less scary though...

today i asked my boyfriend if he'd like to be my hot date to the polling station tomorrow. he said yes (so basically i am winning). when i step into the booth tomorrow, i am casting my vote for a candidate who i believe will support me and those i love. she isn't perfect, but neither am i. none of us are. and i will be proud to refer to her as madam president. 

but until that happens in a few hours, i am going to put my legs up and work on this soreness so i am not hobbling into the polling station.