we wait

i didn't want to write anything until i knew the outcome of the election. 

but it is close. we are waiting. we are scared.

tonight, while sipping wine and trying to breathe, i looked over the exit polls.

and it is fascinating.

not really surprising, but fascinating. 

we are a divided country. 

and we are divided by race like whoa.

gender too. a bit.

we have opposing views of where we are as a country. in 2008 and 2012, i voted for change. i voted for obama. today, in the exit poll, those who wanted change the most voted for trump. 

i don't know where we'll be in an hour or two. or tomorrow morning. 

i do know that the feeling as much as i can't believe we are here, i am not surprised. and those exit polls, they show why i am not surprised. because we are multiple countries in one. because we see things differently. we define great in different ways. 

and i think they also show how what people say and do in public is different than what they do in private. 

and in private, people do some crazy shit.

#imwithher until the end.